What we stand for

Our Vision

To be the first and best choice of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and the community.

Our Mission

We exist to design, create and efficiently supply innovative products that help enhance the homes, landscapes and lifestyles of all our customers.

Our Purpose

We believe in the power of gardening. We commit our time, resources and knowledge to help those in need enjoy the wellbeing benefits of gardening.

Open. Honest. Always.

Transparency and honesty have been forged into our business at every level from concept to product delivery and aftercare. We insist that every facet of our operations upholds the integrity our customers expect of our iconic Australian brands.

Be the change we seek.

The world and the environment that we live in are constantly changing. At AMES Australasia, we are committed to positively adapting our products and business practices to evolve with this change.

Positive, caring & family spirit.

Family, in all its iterations, is at the centre of all we do. We treat each other with respect and genuinely care for the well-being of our staff, customers and partners. Our positivity and caring attitude are reflected in our brands and the essence of family is paramount to our success.

Treasure Creativity.

AMES’ success relies on the creativity that is essential in today's environment of business. By fostering a culture of creativity we ignite innovation, facilitate effective solutions to challenges, enhance employee engagement and happiness, and distinguish ourselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

Seek Win-Wins for All.

Our company understands the importance of employees, manufacturers, shareholders, customers and community coming together in what we do to achieve our goals. We do this by understanding the needs of what makes a business great and how we can support each other.

Want to join us?

We strive to achieve our vision through a relentless focus on all-round operational excellence, a commitment to mutual success with our partners, the strength of our culture and the talent and dedication of our valued employees.

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