Community Support

AMES Australasia is more than the home of Australia's most beloved brands, we also encourage every individual team member to support the community through sharing the love of gardening. Promoting the health benefits of mindfulness and connecting with nature towards a greener and happier future for all. Through our support of community organisations and the dedication of our team, we foster inclusivity, connectivity, and social justice.

Plantfulness is a registered charity, poised to become Australia's leading organization for gardening enthusiasts. With our powerful message of "Gardening for Good," we are dedicated to enhancing physical well-being and addressing mental health concerns by fostering inclusivity and connectivity. By donating essential gardening tools, we empower organizations to continue their remarkable work. Our volunteering program offers a unique opportunity for social justice within our diverse employee pool.

At Plantfulness we are committed to promoting mental and physical well-being for everyone. By providing support to established community organisations in the gardening space, including both resources and dedicated individuals, we strive to expand people's exposure to nature and its health benefits.


AMES AU is a proud signatory to APCO and the 2025 Packaging Targets. We are committed to reducing our waste, and improving our packaging in accordance to these targets. You can track our progress here APCO Action Plan. As a part of our progress towards sustainable packaging, we have begun integrating the ARL on our various brand's packaging, so keep an eye out for these on-pack. For more information on the ARL, please visit

Download APCO Action Plan